The Arte Aparte Studio is now offering courses in airbrush techniques.
The lessons will be on week days in the evening, or on Saturdays, in Vila Pouca da Beira near Oliveira do Hospital (see map).

cursusThere are 3 levels:

1. Beginner’s class
2. Advanced class
3. Master class

Each class is a 10 lesson course.

To guarantee a high level of teaching, there can only be 6 students per course.

There is a free (no obligation) introduction lesson, in wich we will explain how an airbrush works and you will be able to have your first try.

If interested, please contact us.cursus

Beginner’s class
In the beginners class we will teach the basics of airbrush techniques, how to take a pistol apart and put it correctly together again, and explain how the instrument works.
You will do airbrushing yourself, starting with the basic techniques, which will be explained and demonstrated.

Advanced class
In this course you will do your own work under supervision of your teacher. You can do your project on canvas,or on an object etc. You will have intensive support from your teacher.

Master class
When you want to know much more detail about airbrushing you can follow the master course. You will work towards a high level of perfection in one or more works of your choice.cursus

For students who come from a long distance, there is the possibility for marathon-sessions on Saturdays (lunch included).

Airbrush pistols, compressors, paper and ink are available free, so it is not necessary to invest in material before starting the course.
If you decide to buy your own pistol and compressor, you can order them for a reduced price at Arte Aparte.

If you are interested, please contact us for more information.

(00 351) 964534046

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